Some new movie trailers

So a few new trailers have hit for films that I’m getting more and more excited about.

First off we have Disney’s John Carter hitting theaters on March 9.

Then we’ve got Marvel’s The Avengers on screens everywhere on May 4.

I’m more enthusiastic about the Avengers movie than I am about John Carter, but they both definitely look good. Then there’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation on June 29, which I’m also looking forward to as I found the first to be enjoyable (hey, I wasn’t exactly expecting Casablanca):

There are a lot of other genre movies coming out this year, of course. Some I’m really looking forward to (The Hobbit, Dark Knight Rises), some not so much (Amazing Spider Man, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), but all in all it’s shaping up to be a pretty good year for movies.

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1 thought on “Some new movie trailers

  1. Because I've been accused of only talking about the negative before, I want to start by saying I'm REALLY looking forward to the Avengers movie… And I'm someone who really hates going to the cinema with the great unwashed.

    But in that trailer, doesn't Cap look really, really skinny? And, as is the way with many trailers, I think they gave away too much of what little plot there will be.

    Still waiting for it though! Should be explosive and fun without being Michael Bay-ariffic.

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