RIP Davy Jones

Apropos of nothing whatsoever to do with gaming, but growing up as a kid in the 1970’s, reruns of the Monkees were a staple part of life, and part of my age group’s shared cultural experience as surely as Bugs Bunny and Star Trek.

Davy Jones, the British representative of the Monkees, died today at age 66 of a heart attack. He was quite an entertainer in a variety of venues; stage, television, and of course music. His was one of the voices of my formative years, and I’ll forever regret never having seen him in concert.

Goodbye, Mr. Jones.

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4 thoughts on “RIP Davy Jones

  1. Alas, another icon steps off the stage.

    I know he did other things in his lifetime, but I'll always look back at The Monkees as distinctively absurd fun. It was a lot better than some other wacky shows of its era.

    He was famous enough at the time causing David Bowie to change his own name.

  2. We've been watching the Monkees all night – it's a family favorite. My daughter is 13, and she says Davy Jones was her first crush.

  3. He'll be sadly missed. Saturday mornings used to revolve around the time The Monkees came on. Used to run up and down the beach with the tide like they did in the title sequence and have joined arms with my friends and did the walk before tumbling over in a heap many a time. Carried on making great music after the show finished, including one of the all-time great pop music movies. Goodbye Davy, your music will always lift my heart.

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