2E Clone Myth & Magic Coming March 16

Some news about New Haven Games about their upcoming 2E retro-clone, Myth & Magic. From their announcement:

Myth & Magic:

The Player’s Starter Guide and the Game Master’s Starter Guide will be available for download on March 16, 2012. They are free and will be accessible on newhavengames.com, RPGNow.com, DriveThruRPG.com and Paizo.com. A separate email will go out on that day.

This marks the first public release of the rules, which is very exciting. We should see a wave of new Myth & Magic players that have since alluded us.

The PSG allows you to create and play one
of the four iconic classes up to 10th level: Cleric, Fighter, Thief and
Wizard. Some of the rules that were straying away from the feel of our
progenitor system, 2E, were reigned back to support the feel of fantasy
gaming we’re aiming for, but certain of our newer concepts, like BASE20
and the class talent system, are highlighted boldface and center-stage.

The GMSG has all the monsters and magic
items you need as a Game Master for many adventures, as well as tons of
good advice on world-building and adventure-crafting. We even threw in
the adventure, The Shattered Academy, that provides at least one night of interesting 1st-level play.

They’re considering doing a Kickstarter campaign as a vehicle for pre-orders. If you’re a fan of 2E (and I know there are a lot of you out there), this should look pretty interesting indeed.

I know it might sound a little weird that I’m here promoting other folks’ games when I’ve got one of my own coming out pretty soon (kickstarter for A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore starts later this month!). But I guess I’m still happily stuck in the “it’s a hobby” mindset. I don’t think I lose anything by promoting their stuff; I think the OSR in particular, and the RPG hobby in general, can only be helped by more growth.

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