1970’s Sci-Fi Marathon

If I was going to organize a movie marathon of pre-Star Wars 1970’s science fiction movies, I’d probably pick:

Coincidentally, TCM is running all but the last of those movies tonight (they chose Close Encounters of the Third Kind instead of Colossus: The Forbin Project, which is a choice I can understand even if I don’t agree with it). The only problem is, how do I stay up ’till 5 AM to watch them all?

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5 thoughts on “1970’s Sci-Fi Marathon

  1. I totally agree with your choices but… no Apes?

    It's interesting how dystopian 70s sci-fi movies were, especially early in the decade.

  2. Silent Running … Dark Star … then if you want to finish off the "working stiffs in space" theme with post-Star Wars material, Alien and Moon.

  3. I love those early to mid 70's SF films. Easy Rider had shown that the big studios didn't know what their audiences wanted anymore and so loads of really great, interesting films were made. Maybe next week they'll put "A Boy and his Dog", "Fail Safe", "Omega Man", "Damnation Alley" and "Silent Running" on. 😀

  4. I'm a huge Apes fan, Kaiju. But there are enough of them to form their own marathon. 😉

    Woo: Wasn't Fail Safe from 1964? Agreed completely about Omega Man and Silent Running, but I might add in the Ultimate Warrior with Yul Brynner in there, too.

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