Do We Want Ogre Miniatures? Steve Jackson Wants to Know!

As most of you know, Steve Jackson Games is currently in the midst of a hugely successful Kickstarter Campaign for a new edition of Ogre with top-notch components. They blew past their initial goal almost instantly, and are now undertaking an online survey to see what their next stretch goal should be.

One of the options is to commit to bringing back the miniatures line in 2013.

I realize that my love of Ogre miniatures is not something shared by all of the readers of this blog, but I think it would be an enormous boost to the hobby as a whole to see a game that won an Origins award when it was introduced brought back to life. It really is a fantastic game, and if the miniature line was restarted, it would make the game accessible to new players once again.

So please, take a minute to check out the survey, and if you can find it in your heart to give the “Commit to bring back Ogre Miniatures in 2013” option high marks, I will be quite grateful. And, of course, consider making a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign. It’s a hell of a game, and it looks to be a hell of a version.

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6 thoughts on “Do We Want Ogre Miniatures? Steve Jackson Wants to Know!

  1. I vote up the minis myself. I'm not sure how many I'd buy, though – I have at least one of every mini set they released as far as I know as well as the Deluxe GEV and Deluxe OGRE sets. Plus a lot of extras (minis were a great way to boost an order up a few bucks to get free shipping and save overall).

    But I'd like to see these in production.

    That and a computer game!

  2. What level did you support at, Joe? I'm very tempted. All of my spare money went to this other game call Adventures Dark and Deep or something.

  3. I voted up the miniatures. To be honest, I voted (very) down every other option there. Better that they provide miniatures for the core game than expansions for half of the core game while leaving the rest unfinished.

  4. Riley– I supported at $120, so I can get a copy of the game and a T shirt. If I had five grand lying around, I'd use it to get Steve Jackson out here for Dexcon, but it's not to be…

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