Average Healing by Level

Just a quick number-crunching exercise today. This is the average amount that a cleric and druid can heal, in a day, assuming they get the 2 bonus 1st level spells for a high wisdom score and memorize the maximum number of Cure Light/Serious/Critical Wounds spells. Some of the variations are interesting, because even though the druid’s curative spells are higher level than those of the cleric (cure light wounds is a 1st level cleric spell, but a 2nd level druid spell), they still get more of them at certain experience levels.

Level Cleric Druid
1 14 0
2 18 14
3 18 18
4 23 18
5 23 23
6 23 33
7 33 37
8 43 47
9 64 47
10 90 57
11 95 78
12 99 105
13 109 131
14 136 162
15 157 n/a

Useful when calculating group effects on large numbers of figures. (Like in mass combat… ahem.)

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  1. Note also that druids have access to Goodberry, which allows for some healing to be prepared ahead of time. While not so useful on an extended adventure, the first day of adventuring can easily be augmented by the previous day's goodberries, providing distributable healing to all characters.

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