Reminder: Adventures Dark and Deep Open Playtest Ending Soon

Just a gentle reminder that, if you want to participate in the open playtest for Adventures Dark and Deep, you’ll only be able to download the playtest versions of the three rulebooks– the Players Manual, Bestiary, and Game Masters Toolkit, for another couple of days. As of May 1, the open playtest will be officially over, and they will no longer be available. Naturally, input and feedback after May 1 is more than welcome and encouraged via the Adventures Dark and Deep forums, but no more playtest versions of the rulebooks will be available. Until then, you can still download them here.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to purchase the Witch and Necromancer character classes, which can be used with most old school type games! (Save 20% if you buy them both with the bundle offer!) That’s two awesomely evil protagonists to throw at your players, with scores of new spells to befuddle and threaten them!

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  1. Hey, since you are developing evil protagonists, the Witch and Necromancer, have you thought about developing the Anti-Paladin, the NPC class from Dragon #39? Also Githyanki have an Anti-Paladin class mentioned in the Fiend Folio but it was never expanded upon? Maybe tie them together somehow?

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