Are you a “Car Wars” Fan?

Steve Jackson may have just made you very, very happy.

If they hit the $700,000 mark for the Ogre Kickstarter, they’ll do one for Car Wars.

I will now go on record and say that I will support a Car Wars kickstarter at exactly the same level that I’m supporting Ogre.

So if you’re a Car Wars fan who’ve been a bit put off by the attention that Ogre’s getting, now’s your chance! Can Steve Jackson get another $117,000 in 4 days? Perhaps the Car Wars fans will tell.

This was another one of those awesome games that we played endlessly when I was a kid. We’d set up a huge track on our pool table and have at it. I can’t wait to see if this comes to fruition.

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7 thoughts on “Are you a “Car Wars” Fan?

  1. What James said.

    And, yes, I too am a Car Wars fan. Played the heck out of the deluxe edition…

  2. Big goal for them to reach, and hoping SJGames can do it.

    Personally, I'd love to a big, deluxe, designer edition box set for Car Wars as well.

    1. With big thick counters the size of Matchbox and Hotwheels cars so they can be see used interchangably.

    2. Thick card stock Maps with grids, (for nostalgia and easier alignment). Several Road sections (dual sided) and two arenas (one on each side)

    3. Thick cardstock, 3D Terrain.

    4. A Mini-set of Car Wars (with thicker components)

    5. Some sort of multiple vehicle tracking sheet for speed/HC

    6. An App for the vehicles and tracking as well

    7. Some Miniatures for the game as a stretch goal. Perhaps plastic minis of MONDO from Midville.

  3. Car Wars is great. I'm participating in the Ogre kickstarter by proxy, as i'm saving $52 by buying from my FLGS rather than paying the exhorbitant extra shipping fees being charged to Canadians and other international buyers.

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