The Most Awesome Map of Westeros You’ll See This Week

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6 thoughts on “The Most Awesome Map of Westeros You’ll See This Week

  1. That IS awesome…I just spent 20 minutes zooming around to all the little details. I might have to make something like this sometime for one of my own campaign worlds!

    Um…what's Westeros?

  2. Good god that's detailed! I haven't seen a cartoony map that highly detailed since Sergio Aragones from MAD magazine. The heraldry is amazing. That's something you don't always get when reading the books.

  3. All the little shields with their heraldry made me think of the old game Kingmaker.
    @ JB-It's the continent from G.R.R. (Hey I'm like Tolkien) Martin's Game of Thrones series of books about depraved sex and murder. Or something. I gave up after a hundred, hundred fifty pages. I was having Robert Jordan flashbacks of book after book after book…

  4. Stunning map! I loved Kingmaker. The peasants are revolting lol! Song of Ice and Fire is well worth the page count, it's the only epic series I have time for. If you can't stomach it the TV series is very good indeed. Nice to see someone in TV/Film take fantasy seriously. 😀

  5. Download a copy to your hard drive now while you can!

    That guy used to have a DeviantArt page *FULL* of that kinda stuff from ASoIF. Including close ups of the various seven kingdoms like the North, the Vale, the Riverlands, serveral of the cities etc. All of which were accurate heraldic-ly.

    However sometime last year right after the HBO series came out he took it all down. He made a post that seemed to hint at (in my opinion) someone had sent him a cease & desist type thing.

    While I like to think that GRRM himself appreciates fan art I bet the suits at HBO didn't. Especially since they their own "viewers guide" with maps on

  6. Really awesome map! Love all the little details. Every time I go back and look at it I find something new!

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