Cityographer Kickstarter

From the fine folks at Inkwell Ideas who brought us Dungeonographer, Hexographer, and the Coat of Arms Visual Designer comes… Cityographer:

You set some preferences for the city you want (technology level,
population size, whether the city has a river, if it is on the coast,
etc.) on a setup screen and it will randomly generate an entire village
or city for you.  (You can also start with a blank map/city.)

Not only will the program generate the city’s map, but it will
generate simple floorplans of the buildings, and each building’s
residents and any important belongings.  If the building is a business
you’ll also get a list of the staff and a menu or price list of products

Further, everything and anything can be fully or individually re-generated or hand edited! 
So if you don’t like the whole city, just start over.  But if you
simply don’t like the placement of a few buildings, move them or delete
them and add new ones.  If you don’t like a particular building just
regenerate it or an aspect of it.  For example if the building is an
inn, regenerate it or regenerate just the staff or just the price list
or hand edit any particular item!

I have had wonderful experiences with Inkwell Ideas’ other products, and their Cityographer would cover the last base pretty niftily, it seems. Check out the kickstarter campaign, which has a little more than a month to go, but still has a ways to meet its goal. Joe’s a great guy and he makes useful and very easy-to-use software; I’d encourage everyone to support this one.

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