The Rebel Yell Lives

So you think the “Rebel Yell” of the Civil War was something akin to “yeeee-haaaa!!!”

Think again.

Here’s the Museum of the Confederacy explaining how they went about recreating the actual rebel yell:

And here’s how that knowledge was applied by modern reenactors:

Both segments take a total of about 10 minutes to watch, and I think it’s really worth it (but then again, I am a creature of admittedly eclectic standards). You can purchase the CD mentioned here.

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6 thoughts on “The Rebel Yell Lives

  1. I am interested in this particular item due to its possible origins in Irish and Scottish native traditions (for instance, the dord Féinne was said in some early Irish sources to be a "wolflike howl" given by certain types of warbands as they attacked).

  2. Joseph thanks for posting that. Really interesting. As to the origin, that's not to difficult to imagine. Southern culture has been much more receptive to native american influence – most of what we think of as southern food, for example. I think they were imitating an indian "war whoop".

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