Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: The Tharquish Empire

At long last, another in my series of Darlene-style maps covering western Oerik. This time, we cover the Tharquish Empire and the remainder of the Tharquish Dominions. I envision the region as a Greco-Roman type place (which is attested to in the Chroniques de la Lune Noire, which shows a decidedly Classical Tharquatis about to get taken out by a tidal wave; but that’s okay, because it’s no more canonical than Tharizdun destroying Oerth in the Gord the Rogue books), with lots of hilly terrain broken up by smallish woodlands.

I also made a few changes to the Free States map, which I’m posting here so you can see how they fit together. The one on the bottom is the new one. Click to embiggen.

As always, the latest largest-scale versions of the maps are available off to the right in the “Free Resources” section.

You’ll also notice a corner of Gonduria off in the extreme southwest corner of the map; I deliberately didn’t put anything there, because the focus of this series is Oerik itself, and I’m leaving Gonduria as a blank slate (for the nonce…). Next stop, Ishtarland, the Red Kingdom, and the Barbarian Seameast. Only four maps to go!

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