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2 thoughts on “GODZ 4 UZ

  1. Act now, and you can take advantage of our Trinity Collection. That's right, three-for-one. Select from our
    1. Hindu – Vishnu (Creator) , Brahma (Physical Creator/Pitah), & Shiva(God of dissolution)
    2. Egypt – Ra/Re(Spirit), Ptah(Father), Amun(Amen/hunter)
    3. Christianity – Holy Spirit, Father, Son
    4. Greek – the triple goddess of the Moon, representing the three stages of womanhood, Young Girl, Mother, & Crone
    The three Harites (Aglaia, Efrosyni, Thalia), who were related to the blossoming and prolificacy of nature;
    The Three Fates (Clotho, Lahesis, Atropos)
    The 3 Furies, or Erinyes
    The Delphic triad, consisting of Apollo, Artemis, and their Mother, Leto (many times they were worshipped conjointly)
    The 6 Olympian children of Cronos and Rhea (3 brothers, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and 3 sisters, Hera, Demeter, Hestia)

    …and many more…

  2. ok – that is just superb. I have been to Egypt and see many statues to these gods (without the asterisks!), but didn't come across this bounty of gods place of business. Would that I had, my suitcase would have been overflowing.

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