Service Guarantees Citizenship

Some corners of the Internet are all abuzz with the following picture, featuring some new costumes from the new Star Trek movie:

I don’t see these as any sort of ubiquitous new uniform style (the way that the somewhat militaristic “monster maroons” replaced the spandex jumpsuits of The Motion Picture), but they could be a dress uniform or something.

But is it me, or do these just scream “Starship Troopers”? Especially the high-peaked hats and epaulettes.

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13 thoughts on “Service Guarantees Citizenship

  1. They resemble a brown version of the the uniforms worn by the Eastern Alliance officers from the original Battlestar Galactica series.

  2. Maybe it's an homage to TOS's tendency to:
    'You found what in the costume department? Okay. Next weeks episode revolves around a world where….'

  3. Those kinds of caps aren't entirely without precedent: A vaguely similar style is seen for all of .5 seconds during a pan of Pike's quarters in "The Cage."

  4. Actually, if the rumors are true about Khaan being the next villain, then these would make sense if they were from the Eugenics wars or something.

    But yes, they most certainly do look very Heinleinian.

  5. Maybe I've read the book too many times but I don't see Starship Troopers. The one time the dress uniform is mentioned is as part of the hanging. After he is striped of all insignia the condemned man is described as wearing a maroon and blue suit.

  6. Herb, I think Joseph meant the Starship Troopers movie rather than the book?

    They don't look to me like any uniform I'd associate with Starfleet. However, those look like Starfleet emblems on the jacket and cap.

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