DexCon Schedule Now Posted

DexCon is consistently one of the best gaming conventions around.

The full schedule of events for this year’s DexCon gaming convention in Morristown, NJ has now been posted. The convention will be held July 4-8 and is an absolute blast. If you’re anywhere near the northern New Jersey area, you should consider stopping by; they have every kind of gaming you can think of, from miniatures to board games to LARPS and of course RPGs.

I’m lined up to run the following:

  • R0183: AD&D 1st Edition, “Temple of the Old Ones”. Thursday 2 PM – 6 PM. People in the city of Greyhawk have always been a little strange, but
    eccentricity has given way to outright bizarre and in some cases violent
    behavior. All signs point to the weird ruins of a temple dedicated to a
    group of unknown, pre-human deities. Your mission is to enter the
    ruins, discover the secret behind this rash of odd occurrences, and
    hopefully put an end to it.
  • W0510: Ogre/GEV Minatures, “Operation Shockhammer”. Thursday 8 PM – 12 AM. The North American Combine is launching an offensive against the
    PanEuropeans on a broad front. Spearheading the invasion is a force of
    Ogres – self-aware cybernetic tanks with enough firepower to take out a
    regiment single-handed – with conventional armor and GEV support. The
    objective: Annihilate the enemy, which is dug in in-depth.
  • R0236: AD&D 1st Edition, “Temple of the Old Ones”. Friday 2 PM – 6 PM. 
  • W0884: Ogre/GEV Minatures, “Operation Shockhammer”. Saturday 8 PM – 12 AM.
  • B1004: The Awful Green Things From Outer Space. Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM.

Hope to see some of you there! I’ll be wearing the “SPI Died For Your Sins” button. 

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4 thoughts on “DexCon Schedule Now Posted

  1. Didn't they also have you done for Flea Circus one night from midnight to 4a?

    I can only echo how much fun this con is. The perfect size with plenty to do but not so big that you feel awash in the humanity.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, I'll make it! I will try to head up from where I live in South Jersey just outside of Camden (lucky me, right?). Maybe we can meet up if I make it there…

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