A Visual Interpretation of Our DnD Next Experience

Well, at least our most recent foray into the Caves of Chaos. One of our players, the lovely and talented Mollie, has a habit of making these whenever she plays. Back in high school, I was once chastised by a teacher for doodling in class. If my doodles had been 1% as cool as these are, I think I would have been praised instead. And she does this for like every game she plays. Incredible.

Enjoy these while I’m off at Dexcon for the weekend (posting will be light to nil). As always, click to embiggen.

(Gleep was one of the goblins we had befriended in an earlier foray, who helped us enlist the aid of the goblins to go after the hobgoblins. Other than that, you’re on your own figuring out what happened!)

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4 thoughts on “A Visual Interpretation of Our DnD Next Experience

  1. Those were fun to look at and witty! I like the "high" elf and "damn it feels good to be a goblin" lines. I tend to doodle more in games I play in as well. It's how I ended up doing webcomics. Any chance Mollie knows Greyhawk? I'd love to showcase more of this kind of D&D art.

  2. I'm not sure I'd consider it an unwritten feature so much as an implicit understanding of how these things work. It's more "fun" to be able to "explode" your enemies rather than fighting tooth and nail. And, yeah, I'll admit that it can be a great deal of fun to watch the players hack their way through a swathe of enemies because they planned out their advance well and took along EVERY NPC THEY COULD FIND!!! into the caves and marched around with a small personal army.

    However, it's kind of fun to watch them suddenly come up against a "boss" monster who doesn't go down in two hits and manages to knock a few folks to the ground in the bargain. Can't kill them worth anything, but it's satisfying when they go thump anyway.

    I've always been a fan of these comics, too. They are extremely entertaining to see the next session round. Though I have to admit that I'm dissapointed "Shillelagh and Lucky Charms" never made it into a comic that I recall.

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