Seeking Recommendations for Miniatures

I’m considering getting back into using miniatures for my tabletop RPG game, and was wondering if my faithful readers could help with some recommendations. I’ve found a few manufacturers online, but nothing beats personal experience and first-hand experience. What I’m looking for specifically:

  • 25mm scale (not 28mm)
  • No slotted base; I want the things to stand on their own without a plastic base under it
  • A wide variety of both monsters and adventurer-types
  • Reasonable pricing under US$4 per figure (maybe I’m just spoiled by buying 15mm, or I’m still living in 1984 when it comes to minis prices, but some of the prices I’m seeing online are just incredible)
  • Preferably, but not a requirement, available in bulk sets
I know about Underworld minis (which unfortunately violates my fourth bullet above; they’re beautiful but damned expensive), but any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Seeking Recommendations for Miniatures

  1. You can look at GW LOTR plastics. These are good if you think you need some smaller forces of monsters or trops for your RPG. The only disadvantage is that you'll have to rebase them for your requirements. Will still be much cheaper than your limits.

  2. If you like the Reaper stuff, wait until all the Bones miniatures that got funded by their Kickstarter get released. That will cut the price dramatically. Otherwise, check out Iron Wind Metals. They have a lot of the old Ral Partha figures and are not horribly expensive.

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