Final Proofs are Here!

And don’t they look dandy!

I did notice one thing on the hardcover version that will need fixing, and there’s been some feedback on the pdf version that I’m incorporating into the print versions, so these aren’t final, perfect copies. But, they’re good enough to show that the files are working, everything is coming out as it should with no huge errors in formatting, and we’re ready to go.


I’ll upload the final fixes tomorrow, and if all goes well that means we should see hard copies in the mail next week. Woot! Naturally, those who got the autographed hardcovers will take a little longer to arrive, since they need to come here, and then I need to re-send them myself, but that’s just a given. At the same time, updated versions of the pdf will be made available, incorporating the changes from the feedback (downloading the updated versions of pdf’s is part of the service, and shouldn’t cost you anything extra).

Also also, for those who purchased a pdf copy of the book before the print copy was available, there will be a special code sent out to allow you to get the print copy minus the price you paid for the pdf. Hopefully, if you liked the pdf, you’ll be inclined to buy the print version as well!

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  1. Sadly its unlikely as I warehouse my PDF's rather cheaply, whereas if I bought all the brilliant stuff you gents are churning out at a rapid pace I'd quickly arouse the suspicions of my Significant other.

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