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Off to the right, you’ll see a section labeled “Free Resources”. For the past couple of weeks, the links have been dead, since Mediafire decided to respond to an automated letter from some schmuck in France who claimed that all of my files infringed on the copyright for the television show “The Tudors”.

My thinking is that the outfit in question simply scanned the whole of the web for blogs that mentioned The Tudors and then automatically flagged any file linked on that page as a possible violation, whether or not it had anything whatever to do with the show (my files were only a small number of the hundreds of files named in the letter, which must have affected scores of people). Naturally, none of my files did, but Mediafire decided to honor the request and has since done nothing to respond to my appeal. So off they go; let’s see how well Google Docs works.

You will notice that something is missing, however. Due to the upcoming publication of Castle of the Mad Archmage by Black Blade Publishing, the free pdf version has been taken down and will not be restored. Ditto the maps. Apologies if you weren’t one of the thousands who downloaded it prior to it being taken down, but hopefully the wait will be worth it (even for those who do have it, you’ll still want to get the revised version, as it will have the surface and storage rooms levels, plus literally thousands of changes and additions throughout, not to mention the art, new maps, etc.).

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  1. It's going to be published separately as a sub-level unto itself. There are links to it in the existing levels, however (currently marked as off limits by the Greyhawk Construction Company).

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