Myth & Magic Players Guide PDF Now Available

The good guys over at New Haven Games have finally released the pdf version of their Myth & Magic Players Guide. For those who haven’t been following it, Myth & Magic isn’t quite a 2E clone; they describe it as 2nd edition “revised and updated”. I have the pdf (I got in on the kickstarter, and so got an advanced copy) and it’s really a neat treatment. As they say, it’s not 100% faithful to the original 2E rules, but they know what they’re doing, and it really seems to be a labor of love.

If you’re a fan of 2E as I am, I’d heartily recommend picking up at least the pdf. Plus, they have more books in the line on the way!

Get it –> HERE <–

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1 thought on “Myth & Magic Players Guide PDF Now Available

  1. I gotta say that I'm a huge 2e fan. I really am. It's my game of choice, even before Adventures Dark and Deep, though only just in that case. And Myth and Magic is really quite excellent, though it's not quite 2nd edition, as you note above.

    They rejigger the basic resolution method for a few things to a more unified system based on target numbers and the like. At first blush, it seems simple enough, but I've never been a fan of such approaches. The simple ability check method always worked for me, but this is one of the least bothersome versions I've seen out there.

    A lot of the added fidley bits from the various splat books (especially, I see, from the Complete Fighters Handbook, the combat styles) made their way into the player's handbook. Not a bad thing, I think, though it's extra layers of complication that, for some, might not add that much value. Same goes for the extra "character options" that crop up from time to time. More bits and pieces to choose, customize, and add in.

    I think that sounds a bit more negative than I intended it to be. It's a very good book, but for those of us who fell in love with the simplicity of the 2e PHB, this can come across as a little overly complicated and fiddly from time to time.

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