Gaming Plans for 2013

I’ve got a pretty full plate when it comes to gaming stuff in 2013…

All that in addition to running my weekly ADD Greyhawk campaign and occasional wargame/boardgame days, plus being the organizer of the Garden State Gaming Society meetup and the OSR Google+ group (everybody’s welcome!). Still, that’ll clear the decks of all my major project obligations, and allow me to move on to smaller, but hopefully more frequent, offerings. See you all in 2013!

Update: Looks like GenCon is no longer on the table. Pity– I was really looking forward to it. Ah, well. there’s always 2014.

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5 thoughts on “Gaming Plans for 2013

  1. Awesome list. And Joseph let me be the first of many to extend an offer to see you at Gencon next year. The more Greyhawk grognards there, the merrier!

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