The OSR Officially Wins

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9 thoughts on “The OSR Officially Wins

  1. If some artist were able to draw in Tramp's style, he would get so much OSR money.

    I liked Snarfquest too. Just not as much as Wormy.

  2. I knew that SnarfQuest had been published again in a new magazine recently after its Dragon run ended, but it took Wikipedia to refresh my memory completely.

    "An all-new, full color SnarfQuest story appeared as a bimonthly feature in the now-defunct magazine Games Unplugged beginning in 2000. The strip was gradually given fewer pages per issue until the magazine went out of business.

    In 2011, Elmore began republishing the strips from Games Unplugged on the newly updated official SnarfQuest website. Once he reached the end of the Games Unplugged content, Elmore planned to create new strips for the forseeable future. The classic strips from the original Dragon magazine run were also being gradually posted on the site, updated twice weekly. Soon after beginning the project, Elmore ceased to update the page, and only a few pages were ever posted. No information has been given as to the status of the project."

    I wonder if the KoDT strips will be the Games Unplugged ones, since those aren't currently available anywhere unless you have the original magazines, it seems. Time will tell, but either way it's nice to have Snarf and co. back again.

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