ICv2’s Top Ten Hobby Games Business Events of 2012

Over at ICv2, they have a list of the top ten events, trends, etc. that impacted the gaming industry in 2012. Some of it is obvious, some of it is very insightful, and very little do I find myself disagreeing with. Bear in mind it covers all tabletop games, not just RPGs, and some of it is “inside baseball” industry-wise. Definitely do read all of their analysis, but the bullet-point list is:

  • Hobby Games Up a Lot (As Videogames Decline)
  • Kickstarter Becomes a Major Force in Hobby Games
  • Tabletop Becomes Huge Sales Driver
  • Licensing Drives Game Sales
  • Magic: The Gathering Is the Largest Game Brand
  • New D&D Edition Coming; Reprints in the Meantime
  • High-powered TCG Launches
  • 4Kids Assets Sold to Konami, Saban
  • Mayfair Goes Exclusive
  • Piracy Hits 3-D Objects

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