Players Manual Proofs!

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10 thoughts on “Players Manual Proofs!

  1. It's available exclusively through; I understand the shipping to Europe is at least fairly reasonable (compared to some other online stores).

    There was a slight glitch with the covers, by the way, so the hard copies won't be available for another week or two. Announcements will be made when they're available!

  2. Is it that the column headers on Table 74 are crashing into the top of the table (as opposed to table 75, which is spaced properly)? Cause, if so, I noticed right away, I just didn't know if we were supposed to be 'proof-reading' it or if it was already too late. That's the only reason I didn't say anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This is merely Gaiman's Law at work which reads: Any book that has gone to print, no matter how many times proofread, will have a typo on the first page to which the author opens it.

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