Petty Gods Update

Wow! Bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing a post with that title anytime soon, eh?

OSR blogger Gorgonmilk has graciously offered to pick up the layout and editing of James Maliszewski’s Petty Gods project. If you were a contributor to the Petty Gods project (art or writing), please hie thyself over to Gorgonmilk’s blog and check in. Especially given James’s recent troubles, it would be great to see one of his ideas get pushed over the finish line.

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6 thoughts on “Petty Gods Update

  1. Thanks for posting about this. It was nice for James to have initially organize this but what makes it special that is represents the best of the OSR community and that in my opinion is what deserves support.

  2. I was a contributor, and I have a direct email from James himself (dated 10/28/12) saying that his volunteers fell through, and that he was handling Petty Gods all by himself.

    At the time, he projected a late November to December timeframe for completion.

  3. @Greyhawk Grognard: Thanks for the mention!

    @Justin: I would love it if James contacted me and was willing to give me his endorsement. However, I don't want to let any more time pass on this one, and it sounds like he has more than enough work to do on Dwimmermount.

    @Rachel: GSW might still happen. My original collaborator dropped out of the project, but others have expressed interest in helping out.

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