TSR Magazines Gone from Internet Archive

As predicted, the online versions of Dragon, Dungeon, and Polyhedron magazines, which had been put up on the Internet Archive website, are now removed. Hope they’ll be made available in some other format soon; I’d certainly shell out money for a new disc with pdf copies of the magazines on it.

Curiously, Ares Magazine, the old SPI science-fiction gaming magazine that was picked up by TSR when they bought out SPI, is still available.

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3 thoughts on “TSR Magazines Gone from Internet Archive

  1. As someone who has the original DRAGON Magazine index on CD-ROM, I would LOVE for them to reissue a DVD with fixed PDFs of all the DRAGON, DUNGEON and POLYHEDRON magazines on them. And I would happily pay large amounts of money for it, too.

  2. Not surprised. I did take the liberty of downloading the Polyhedrons, Ares, and Space Gamers, though. (As for Dragon, I already have the CD-ROM archive)

  3. I'd pay for hardback(s) reprints of all the Dragon mags. I'd say articles and original content only, leaving out the ads. Perhaps they could get 50 issues into a hardback?

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