ADD Bestiary Kickstarter Coming Soon!

So now my attention is being drawn more and more to the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary. In doing some preliminary work on the Kickstarter campaign to fund the art (this sucker is going to need about $15k to get all the art done), I’m trying to figure out what suitable rewards might be.

The problem is complicated a bit by the fact that offering multiple copies of the book is just not a viable option. It made sense to offer additional copies of the Players Manual to high-price backers, since every player needs one. But for the Bestiary, you really only need one per table, so offering “One for you and two for your players” doesn’t make any sense.

Here are a few things I’ve come up with as rewards for higher pledge levels:

  • A complete set of books; the PM, GMT, and Bestiary (with a few permutations of numbers and styles)
  • A picture of you being eaten by one of the monsters in the book (“You have been eaten by a grue”)
  • An online game run by me for your group

I’m also phrasing everything in terms of how many monster illustrations your pledge is buying. So when you pledge $15 to get the pdf, you’re also funding one complete monster picture. $30 and you’re funding two, etc. There will be a big graphic that gets updated every time we raise enough to pay for another 100 monsters.

Look for this in May– just around the corner!

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5 thoughts on “ADD Bestiary Kickstarter Coming Soon!

  1. Looking forward to it. I'm supposing that by "different permutations", you're already including a Bestiary+GMT combo for those of us who already have the PM, and so on.

  2. How about high end contributors get "advanced copies" of the Pan-Asian supplement you were toying with a while ago? Or maybe an additional class material like the Witch and Necromancer? Personally, I'd like to see your take on Elemental Casters and Spiritualists.

  3. As someone who went PDF only on the Player's Manual because I wasn't sure how into the game I'd be.

    Now I'd jump at the option of buying a complete set, although it means I'd hold off on a POD PM for now (or maybe not).

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