Star Wars Every Year for Five Years

There is some great Star Wars news just out, if you’re a fan.

Starting in 2015, a new film in the third trilogy (Episodes VII, VIII, and IX for those who are counting) will be released every other year. So the whole Skywalker Family Saga will be complete by 2019, 42 years after it began.

In addition, there will be at least two spin-off movies coming out in 2016 and 2018. The subjects of those two films haven’t been confirmed yet, but rumors say the money’s on Yoda and Boba Fett. They won’t necessarily be set in the same time-frame as the third trilogy.

Aside from providing the broad outlines of the story for the third trilogy, and some other details about the Star Wars universe, George Lucas won’t have his hands on the actual production of any of the films. J.J. “Lens Flare” Abrams will be helming Episode VII, while Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote the best film of the original trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back, will be writing one of the spin-off films.

Time for me to get to the gym. I need to live at least to 53 now.

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars Every Year for Five Years

  1. As bad as Abrams was for Star Trek, I think he's a decent choice for Star Wars. It's much more up his alley.

    Now only if we could talk him into giving up his grip on the Trek . . .

  2. Do you think we'll ever get tired of Star Wars saturation? I wonder that in the dark of night sometimes…

  3. Kasdan co-wrote Empire with golden-age SF author and Hollywood screenwriter Leigh Brackett, who passed away shortly thereafter. I don't know how much she contributed but I always thought it was probably significant.

  4. I agree with Hamlet. As much as I hate JJ Abrams I actually think his style is better suited for Star Wars than Star Trek.

    I just don't like the fact that the creative vision and direction of two of the biggest Sci-fi universes is controlled by one director.

  5. Hmm. I don't know that we've reached a point of Star Wars saturation just yet. Maybe if you followed the animated stuff, but I didn't. I'm just hoping for something greatly improved over Ep. 1-3.

    Personally, I loved Abrams' re-imagining of Star Trek. If he can bring that energy to SW I'll be a happy camper!

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