Pat Robertson still doesn’t like D&D

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6 thoughts on “Pat Robertson still doesn’t like D&D

  1. Now if we could just be constantly worried about impending, inevitable nuclear holocaust, we'd be right back in the day! Somehow, the occasional threat of terrorist bombs just doesn't have the same frisson of apocalyptic doom.

    (Now, I'll let up before I get going on my "kids today" speech…)

  2. Haha, tired and done old man scrabbling for relevance in a world that left him behind long ago. He probably thinks it's still the 80's, and he can't remember to put on his pants in the morning or where he last went to the bathroom (could have been the toilet, clothes hamper, or sink?) What a joke he continues to be. This is just pathetic desperation, to recycle this old boogeyman. Dope.

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