What should come next?

If you cast your gaze to the upper-left corner of the blog, you’ll see a new poll up there, asking opinions as to what you’d like to see next. With the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary moving into the art stage, I’ll have quite a chunk of writing time freed up. I’d like to get your opinion as to how best to fill it up. Nothing’s binding, of course, but I’d like to get a sense from you guys.

The first option is something I’ve talked about before; Adventures Great and Glorious™. It would cover rules for large-scale warfare, large-scale economics, political maneuvering, and dynastic considerations. Intended for use with Adventures Dark and Deep™ but compatible with most OSR-type games, of course.

The second is a full-blown fantasy setting with gorgeous poster maps, a gazetteer-type guidebook, and so forth. Since the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting seems to be closed to the gaming public for the foreseeable future (officially, anyway), this would be my attempt at making something similar in concept, but taken to its logical conclusion. Again, it would be lite enough in mechanics to be usable with most OSR-type rules.

The third is a series of smaller adventure modules. Some would have arcs connecting them, some would be location-based adventures that exist more or less in a vacuum, some would be larger and some would be smaller.

And, of course, there are probably a dozen things folks might be interested in that I’ve not listed here. Feel free to make your suggestions in the comments.

Thanks for your input!

Update: Obviously the polling gadget is the work of the devil, and doesn’t function properly. I’ve seen votes disappear before my very eyes. So just sound off in the comments here. Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “What should come next?

  1. I'm just throwing out an idea here, but five years ago you wrote a post on the implied setting of the AD&D rules:


    and Chris Kutalik at the Hill Cantons blog has written a series of posts on the same topic:


    I think something specifically exploring the implied setting of AD&D would be interesting. Obviously there are already lots of published worldbuilding guides and stuff like "A Magical Medieval Society" and one wouldn't want to duplicate stuff that already exists. Useful examples and tables would be a bonus. Also, write something about the possibility of characters moving between different campaigns? A short and specific guide to the *most* interesting stuff for an AD&D GM to read and own, not just novels but also non-fiction and some RPG stuff. And people who have been following OSR blogs for a while have a lot of common knowledge that casual D&D players won't know, stuff like the "shields shall be splintered" house rule, or the fact that the AD&D magic system was inspired by Jack Vance's Dying Earth books . . . I'm just being vague and woolly here, I know . . .

    Okay, what I mean is a "DMG2" that would a) elucidate the implied setting of AD&D and b) contain a variety of practical advice and interesting information for AD&D players here in the age of the OSR and the internet and c) also contain setting material immediately useful to a GM, like a castle and its associated fiefdom, or a description of the members of an association of mid-level magic-users, and their dwellings.

  2. Ah, another idea, regarding a potential setting . . . I've just read this post:


    Which got me thinking – if you are going to do a setting how about having some sort of explicit link between our world and the D&D world that would explain the similarities between the two (and maybe also explain why the D&D world appears to be a mash-up of so many different mythological, fictional and historical influences), and allow for the possibility of characters travelling between the two worlds? I know GURPS Fantasy already did this, but perhaps there is a different way to approach it.

    Another setting idea – a world where geography "drifts": locations somehow get shuffled about – where and when is entirely unpredictable – so the geography of the world changes over time. Obviously this could be a very useful device for the GM and it would also explain the existence of the Common Tongue!

    Final idea – a world in which each of the nine alignments corresponds with a single deity and their associated religion/cult and philosophy. Alignment in this world would not directly correspond to a character's personality, behaviour or world-view, but it would represent their religious affiliation.

  3. Joseph, you showed you can make awesome Darlene-style maps already. Spool that effort up and show us your campaign world. I haven't needed another rule set or monster book, but a cool setting gazetteer, poster maps and all? I'd get on board that Kickstarter!

  4. Personally, I'd like to see them all. Really. So get back to work, sir!

    If I had to pick just one, I'd love to see some adventures. Modules are always fun to have on hand if not to just run them, then to mine them for ideas.

    Truth be told, though, I'd still love to see Erseta see the light of day.

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