Vin Diesel on D&D and Riddick

I make these movies […] because somebody’s paying attention. That’s my motto about Hollywood and films, continuing these franchises. There’s two lines of thought in Hollywood, one is the audience doesn’t give a fuck — excuse me, it’s late, I’m in Riddick mode, you’re lucky I’m not killing you guys […] Then there’s that world-builder, that D&D player that’s really meticulous that believes the audience does care and can draw the similarity between Riddick’s headdress and the headdress worn by Linus Roache [in Chronicles of Riddick] who reveals in one moment that he is a Furyan that went the wrong path. It’s very subtle, but just the fact that you mention it means that it was worth the week-long dialogue about the construction of one little piece of [armor] […]

I haven’t board-gamed in a while, and I have people that are asking me to board game. I have a buddy who wrote a beautiful Gary Gygax script. [Dungeons & Dragons creator] Gary Gygax’s wife wants me to play him. [laughs] Yeah, I don’t get it either. I was like, “Me? I’m Vin Diesel! How do you want me to play it?”

I guess that’s cool. I guess some people think of me as a dweeb or something. It’s beautiful. I haven’t boarded as much as I want to, although friends of mine, like Michelle Rodriguez, she’ll say she thinks I DM Hollywood, because I’m able to do these things that are just preposterous, like shoot Riddick.

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  1. I care nothing for the opinions of celebrities. If VD wants to make a film, then make it. No need to talk about it.

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