Dexcon schedule now up!

The complete schedule of events for this years’s Dexcon convention in Morristown, NJ over Independence Day weekend is now up. Lots of really good stuff there, including some old-school stuff (a brief glance showed at least one Expert Rules game on the schedule, and there are doubtless others). I will be running/helping with:

  • Friday 2:00 – 8:00: Q0003: “OGRE Macrotures 2013” by Steve Jackson Games. Steve Jackson himself will be there to oversee the festivities!
  • Friday 8:00 – Midnight: R0268: Adventures Dark and Deep; “Tomb of the Pirate King” (which will be played on an enormous table featuring 3D terrain from Legendary Realms)
  • Saturday 8:00 – Midnight: R0325: Adventures Dark and Deep; “Tomb of the Pirate King” (ditto)
It looks like a light schedule for me, but that Ogre macrotures game is 6 hours long, and I will also be manning my first con booth as a publisher for the duration of the convention, so getting away this long was a bit of work.
If anyone is in the area, I cannot recommend this convention highly enough. They have something for everyone– old school and new wave indie RPGs, Pathfinder, miniatures, board games, LARPing, computer games, console games… the thing is easily the finest fan-run gaming con I’ve been to. See you there!

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3 thoughts on “Dexcon schedule now up!

  1. I am signed up for the Adventures Dark & Deep (Friday eve). do you think it would be okay for my 9 year old? also: any recommendations for my kid at the convention?

  2. Oh absolutely. Typical killing stuff, but nothing particularly nightmare-worthy.

    There will certainly be a lot of kid-suitable events at the con, particularly board games. Not sure what your kid is like, of course, but "kobolds ate my baby" is always a fun choice. 🙂

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