Kickstarter Update: Just the No-shows

Reading through this thread on got me thinking that it’s been a while since I sat back and figured out where all my backed Kickstarter projects have gone. This time I’m only going to list the ones that are either late (still) or haven’t hit their shipping date. Bear in mind this is out of a total of 30 Kickstarter campaigns backed. Here we are in chronological order by estimated delivery date:

So, out of 30 backed, 10 are overdue. That’s a pretty miserable percentage. 

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3 thoughts on “Kickstarter Update: Just the No-shows

  1. With Citygrapher… the Beta has been out and licenses have been delivered for a month now. That has to count for something.

    That said, I've backed a few of these as well and Might & Magic is one of the biggest disappointments.

  2. I must be unusual in that I've backed only one kickstarter to date, deluxe Tunnels and Trolls, and I had to really think about doing that. I'm pretty sure it'll be the only one I ever back too given that I only backed that one due to intense nostalgia reasons(Such fond memories of the corgi edition back in the mid '80s).

    Ironically, it too looks like it'll be coming in late, August 2013 is the intended publication date, but they initially wanted it ready for Origins 2013 in June. At this stage even the August date looks to be a little too optimistic. I think the difference here though is that it's being together by Rick Loomis, Ken st. Andre, Steve Compton, Bear Peters and Liz Danforth, all of whom have proved themselves in the game publishing field(or related) many times over many years. Of course it also helps that Rick Loomis is keeping everyone very well informed at every step. It's amazing what a difference regular communication can make with kickstarter projects. And of course, it helps a good deal that they've already put out 2 of the PDFs that were promised as stretch goals too.

    I'm really looking forward to getting this one.

  3. I'm right now only waiting for Champions of ZED: Zero Edition Dungeoneering. I emailed Dan a few days ago and asked for more updates and he sounded like he understood why I was slightly annoyed.

    These experiences have clearly showed who can can trust upon to deliver. While it might be kind of backwards (since you would believe all aimed at delivering what they have promised), I now feel the need to pick out those who do.

    Evil Hat have earned my trust, John Wick has as well. Plenty haven't.

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