Zero Charisma

This is the first I’m hearing about a new film called Zero Charisma, that focuses on the life of a gaming nerd who has, well, pretty much a charisma of zero:

The trailer is pretty interesting, and it looks to me like the game avoids pure mockery of gaming and gamers in favor of actually exploring the characters themselves. (Of course, I could be wrong; it’s just a trailer.)

There is also a more in-depth article over at Aint it Cool News, including an interview with the directors and star of the film:

Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews have crafted a funny, touching, and true film about nerddom, and Sam Eidson does seriously great work as Scott.  It’s one of those performances that in a better world could be considered for some awards consideration. There are some performances that don’t feel so much acted as lived in, and Eidson really gets into the very marrow of Scott, and into what it really means to be a nerd.  It’s not cliché when it feels so genuine. 

Plus, for those in Houston, there will be a screening of this film plus three classic swords & sorcery films (titles TBA) on August 11th at the Drafthouse. Tickets are only $12 if you pick them up before August 1st. Sounds like a hoot!

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