Canonfire! Chronicles Debuts

Today the first issue of Canonfire! Chronicles, a companion electronic magazine to the Oerth Journal, made its debut. The first issue consists of three adventures set in the World of Greyhawk, a set of rumors, and an NPC, the Oracle of Joramy. The three adventures are definitely the meat of the work:

  • A Little Problem (levels 3-8, set in Geoff, D&D 3.5 rules)
  • The Wailing at White Creek (levels 2-3, set in Perrenland, D&D 3.5 rules)
  • Agrosco Adventum (levels 8-12, set in Amedian Penninsula, D&D 3.5 rules)

The three adventures are all stand-alone and do not form an interconnected campaign.

The relationship between Canonfire! Chronicles and the Oerth Journal seems to be intended as analogous to Dungeon and Dragon magazine. C!C is for adventures, while OJ is for more general information on Greyhawk.

While I haven’t read through all of the articles in depth, the artwork ranges from serviceable to excellent, and the cartography is very good throughout. I do hope they branch out to support other versions of D&D and other game systems in the future. Definitely worth checking out for fans of the World of Greyhawk.

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