Bestiary Now Available!

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13 thoughts on “Bestiary Now Available!

  1. Spent a bit of my break today looking over the PDF. It looks really great so far. I'm loving the section on the Sidhe.

  2. Gratz on being the top class act of Kickstarter RPG Projects. Under promise and over deliver, great communication, realistic goals.


  3. I just got my book today, and I can't tell you how impressed I am. What a great resource, not only for Adventures Dark & Deep, but for any D&D/AD&D retroclone. Congratulations.

  4. Mine finally arrived today. I am very pleased with it, and will certainly find it to be one of the most valuable monster books I own. However, very quickly I noticed an error. In the entry for Sylph, it references Nymph on p. 169. Unfortunately, there is no Nymph entry on p. 169, or on any other page. Whoops.

  5. The nymph entry is there, in the waterborne creatures section. It's just the page reference that's wrong (which is odd, since those are supposed to automatically update before the pdf gets generated…).

    The page references for the nymph will be fixed in the next iteration. Thanks for the catch!

  6. Why, there she is on p. 275! Thanks for noting that, and thank you for all you do (best damned Kickstarters in the industry).

    Now to decide whether to write in mine to fix the page reference. 😉

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