OSWARP Deadline Approaching!

If you are planning on running a game or three at the first-ever Old School Wargaming and Role Playing (OSWARP) convention in New Jersey this 4th of July, you’d better get off your duff and submit your proposals, because the deadline for submitting a proposal is Sunday, June 8.

That’s less than a week away!

Full details, including the links to the submission forms, can be found here. But in short, we’re looking for old school games or modern old school-esque games. Run enough games, and you get into the convention for free. Sign up for enough OSWARP-tagged games, and you get into the whole Dexcon convention (which lasts Thursday through Sunday) for a vastly reduced price!

Make sure you select “OSWARP” as the game type when filling out your form.

OSWARP is being held concurrently with Dexcon this year, and will hopefully be spun off into its own convention in 2015.

EDIT: I just found out that rooms at the hotel are almost sold out. If you’ve held off getting a room, now’s the time to do it!

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