Batman’s 25th anniversary

While there’s a lot of churn around the 75th anniversary of Batman’s first comic book appearance this year, Tim Burton’s Batman had its opening weekend twenty-five years ago. A lot of people at the time thought casting Michael Keaton, who was mainly known for comedic roles, was a huge risk. But I think it paid off hugely.

Jack Nicholson’s Joker remains iconic, even in the wake of Heath Ledger’s terrific take on the character years later. Batman defined 1989 for me, and to this day I will still watch it any time it’s on television (which is a LOT).

It remains to this day one of my all-time favorite genre films, helped shape modern superhero films, and was the inspiration for Batman: The Animated Series, which remains another favorite of mine. Thanks and congratulations to all involved in that groundbreaking film from a quarter century ago.

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5 thoughts on “Batman’s 25th anniversary

  1. To me it was a perfect bridge from the camp of the 60s film (which I watched in syndication) into an "adulthood" view of comics. 25 years ago I was 15, and the movie was just about perfect for my age and temperament, which just enough violence, dark humor, and grim reality to infuse the brightly colored, heroic world in which Batman (once) resided.

  2. Michael Keaton's Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jack Nicholson's Joker are my 2nd favorites after the immortal, perfect, inimitable performances of Adam West and Cesar Romero.

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