What do you want to play or run?

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14 thoughts on “What do you want to play or run?

  1. Always wanted to give Nobilis a try, but my friends recoil when I talk about the "Flower Rite Attacks", which are the only way a Realm can assault another Realm. Too cerebral, Toby once told me… *sigh*

  2. I had that Ringworld set since I'm a big Larry Niven fan. It was a complete disappointment in terms of setting up the Ringworld for adventure. There's nothing there to help a GM, nothing.

    The only worthwhile thing in the set is the descriptions of the Human and Kzin worlds, which would be excellent for character backgrounds and adventures (if developed out more).

    Given Known Spaces' invulnerable hulls and psychic extreme luck trait and other items, I think you'd be better off having a Traveller crew mis-jump there and adventure with that.

  3. Right now, I am itching to run the old Stormbringer RPG (4th edition) in one of CAS's settings, either Zothique or Hyperborea.

  4. Well, it's more about a lack of time, than finding people, but I'd like to run a game set in Lankhmar, but rather than using D&D or the Mongoose RuneQuest stuff, I'd rather roll my own using the latest Chaosium BRP, with elements of the old Stormbringer.

    That, or drop Greyhawk into the Black Gulf from AS&SoH, and give it even more of a Ashton-Smith and Lovecraft flavor.

  5. That's a longish list. Off the top of my head, I'd say Dungeon Crawl Classics, 1e Stormbringer, Runequest (ideally an older incarnation – 2nd or 3rd edition) or for that matter any member of the BRP family really. Maybe some Traveller.

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