I’ve been playing D&D wrong all these years…

The folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, who have turned the infamous Jack Chick tract “Dark Dungeons” into a movie, have put the first seven minutes up on YouTube:

The rest of the film is available for $5 on their website. Judging by the first free part, it’s going to be well worth it. The actors play it straight, but it’s all the more hilarious for all of that. Just seeing how that sliver of the country viewed (views?) RPGs — immensely popular, seductive, and of course the route to the under-cellar of Hell — is both funny and frightening.

(h/t to io9.com)

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6 thoughts on “I’ve been playing D&D wrong all these years…

  1. Of course they played it straight, JR Ralls had to secure the rights and permission from Chick Publications. He had to be faithful to the tract or they would have pulled the rights. You are correct, that does make it even funnier.

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