Last summer and fall, I went through a big spate of painting some old-school figures; mostly Grenadiers, but there are Ral Parthas, TSRs, Citadels, Minifigs, and others in there as well. I finally got around to painting them, mostly because I’m about to start another round of painting, and wanted to get a look at what I had already done. Some are specifically Greyhawk by the paint job, most are just generic, following the description in the Monster Manual wherever possible.. I’m not a great painter by any stretch, but I’m pleased with the way most of them came out.

A bunch of Baklunis from the Sultanate of Zeif

Gnomes (presumably from the Gnarly Forest)


Warriors of Celene

Monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood


I’m particularly pleased with these. Every time I’d buy some
Grenadier figures, they’d come with yet another one of the
flag-bearer skeletons. So now I have one for the Horned Society,
one for the Scarlet Brotherhood, one for Iuz, and one for the
Temple of Elemental Evil.

The whole bunch. Doesn’t include pre-painted plastic figures.

Pig-faced orcs, which you’ve seen before.

On the whole, I’m quite happy with the lot so far. And many more to come.

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8 thoughts on “Miniatures!

  1. Joe, Great job on the minis – the Otyugh is awesome. Just curious, I noticed most of them didn't have bases. Do you use them or keep the mini's as is?

    I'm hoping to have all my miniatures assembled by the fall (30 September is my goal), and then I'll start painting.

  2. As a rule I don't use plastic bases for metal figures unless it's absolutely necessary (like slotta figures). I do file down the bottoms before painting to make sure they stand straight. Back in the day, most RPG figures didn't bother with flocked bases.

  3. That's a nice collection!
    I have to echo the concern about bases. I never based my minis back in the 80s (I'd never even seen based minis until I discovered the evil GW empire). All to many have flattened faces or other dents and dings from falling over on account of it. Even if you just use black circles or squares, most Grenadier and Ral Partha minis will gain a lot of stability from bases.

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