Step Right Up and Spin the Wheel!

Lately, it seems that every year there’s some sort of politically correct outrage coming on the heels of GenCon. This year, with GenCon slightly more than two weeks away, I thought I’d save everybody the trouble and just let the SJW’s take a spin on the Wheel of Outrage to figure out what they should be offended by this year, and save some time and trouble. So put up yer nickle and you may win fame and fortune! Well, fame anyway…

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13 thoughts on “Step Right Up and Spin the Wheel!

  1. Yeah, that grey wedge got me in trouble last month with significant other at Anime Next Con. "I was looking at her costume!" was met with response "What costume? She's practically nude!"

  2. I am offended that my pet offense is not represented here.

    I am also offended that as a gamer you used a wheel and not dice and an old school chart.

  3. Have you considered whether or not the wheel identifies as a square or even a tri-racial geometric figure known as a rhombus? Otherwise, you may be accused of waving a wavy wave of microagressions at the triangle community. Because science.

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