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You may have noticed something new in the upper-left corner of the blog; a link to my “non-gaming blog” over at I’ve decided to move everything that isn’t about gaming over there, so you’ll find reviews of and news about television shows, non-gaming books, and movies, posts on science and technology, current events, humor, etc. I’m slowly but surely reorganizing all the links and posts so that the only things here are purely gaming (RPGs, miniatures, boardgames, and wargames) and everything else is there.

I’m also starting to do reviews of television show episodes as well as movies, so you and I can bounce ideas back and forth about what just happened on our favorite shows.

And for those as into Halloween as I am, that’s also where you’ll find my 31 Days of Halloween posts for this month. Well… almost all; there might be a couple of gaming-related ones that will get cross-posted… 🙂

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