November Campaign Design

I’m declaring November to be NaCaCrMo.

Sodium-Calcium-Chromium-Molybdenum for the win!

Oh, wait. No. With all the national month of this or that or the other thing in November, I thought I might turn my own attentions to creating a campaign setting in a month, both to see if I can do it, and to share my own process for doing so with you all. I’m calling it NAtional CAmpaign CReation MOnth. Because those sorts of semi-acronyms are all the rage nowadays, apparently. Maybe it’s not “national”, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

Starting on November 1st, I’ll go from a bare concept to (hopefully) a finished, ready-to-play campaign setting that could last many years of play.

My only self-imposed limitations:

  • It’ll be written for some form of D&D or OSR game (or more than one)
  • It’ll have at least one complete map and accompanying descriptive text
  • It’ll be in final, playable (not necessarily publishable – formatting and layout is not required) form by November 30
  • It’ll have at least one unique twist to set it apart from most other campaign settings
So there we go. Hope this works out as well as my NaGaDeMon experience a few years ago!
Illustration from Ed Greenwood’s excellent “Plan Before You Play” article in Dragon Magazine 63.

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5 thoughts on “November Campaign Design

  1. "Illustration from Ed Greenwood's excellent "Plan Before You Play" article in Dragon Magazine 63."

    One of my favorite campaign-planning articles!, along with

    – Lenard Lakofka, "How To Make a Pantheon You Can Have Faith In!" in Dragon #36
    – Lenard Lakofka, "Starting From Scratch" in Dragon #39
    – Ed Greenwood, "The Merry Month of…Mirtul?" in Dragon #47
    – Ed Greenwood, "Down-To-Earth Divinity" in Dragon #54
    – Ed Greenwood, "Law Of the Land" in Dragon #65
    – Lewis Pulsipher, "War!" in Dragon #65
    – Lewis Pulsipher, "A Player Character and His Money…" in Dragon #74
    – Katherine Kerr, "Beyond the Dungeon" (parts 1 and 2) in Dragon #87 & 88

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the month, Joe!


  2. I was going to exploit Nanowrimo and attempt the same thing this year. I guess now I have a different acronym to call it! I'd love to see this become a thing.

  3. How funny – I was just thinking doing exactly this, viz. write up a campaign that I could have ready to play in a month's time or so.

    Well that tears it: now I *have* to!

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