Make Aerdy Great Again

Hey Greyhawk fans! I’m coming to you tonight to urge and ask that you sign the following online petition, to let Wizards of the Coast know that there are a lot of Greyhawk fans out there, and that we want to see some official support for the setting for 5th Edition.

The petition can be found here, and reads as follows:

Dungeons and Dragons, the world’s most popular role-playing game, has seen a renaissance with its wildly popular 5th edition rules. However, fans of the World of Greyhawk setting have been largely ignored, with no official support for the setting using the latest version of the game.

This petition will send a message to Wizards of the Coast, publishers of the game, that fans of the World of Greyhawk setting want to see official support for Greyhawk in 5th edition from Wizards of the Coast, and would enthusiastically support including the setting as one of the options for the DM’s Guild online publishing platform.

Feel free to share the petition link far and wide. Let’s let WotC know we want to see Greyhawk back as part of the official D&D family, along with the Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft.

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5 thoughts on “Make Aerdy Great Again

  1. I had the same fear during the 4E era. But they really seem to be hitting all the right buttons and doing things right setting-wise in 5E.

    Plus the DM's Guild allowing fans to publish stuff would be huge, too.

  2. What if we instead asked WotC if they would allow licensing of Greyhawk to another company and then allow fans to build a sort of "open-source" Greyhawk. Basically a wikipedia-like way to build a fantasy world.

  3. +TrekBody and others…

    Various thoughts as some friends chatted about this at Gary Con:

    Would opening Greyhawk up dilute FR focus and sales? Aka "divide the brand."

    The only thing WotC seems interested in is looting classic Greyhawk stories, plots, and villains and porting them into FR.

    My Question: Why do we need or want the input of WotC? What new materials need to be made? Is it a prestige/recognition thing? Do we want the old modules updated for 5e (so we don't have to do it?) Do we want Elemental Evil, Acererak, GHost Tower of Inverness etc &etc returned to their proper places? (Slavelords have dodged the FR -so far.) New region gazetteers and mods? Cynically -Do we want it open so WE can publish and make money off of Greyhawk?

    There are a lot of books and modules on Greyhawk already. Many of these are available on Rpgnow or Drivethru. There are a lot of fans of GH already doing their thing making free resources out there on the web of Greyhawk materials.

    There was a scene in the movie Shallow Hal where one character said that WOnder Woman was the person he found most attractive. The other guy asked him, if he was the ONLY person -in the world- that found her attractive, would that matter? He didn't care. Greyhawk is my favorite D&D world. I don't care that WotC doesn't find her attractive. Greyhawk is a small indy bad. Greyhawk fans are an exclusive club with a secret handshake.

    We don't have to make Aerdy great again. It was never not great.

    David S
    Minnesota, USA

    PS I like your blog, I support you and other fans, and I will sign your petition.

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