GaryCon 2018

The original plastic castle that was the model for
Gary’s Castle Greyhawk

I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for my first ever GaryCon.

I drove out (twelve and a half hours, for those who are counting) from New Jersey, as I had a car load of products to sell at the BRW Games booth. Sales were very good throughout the weekend, but I was amazed at how many people had already heard of me and my work. The kind words were really appreciated, everyone!

I got to hang out with a bunch of OSR luminaries over the course of the weekend. Putting names to faces was a great thing; Erik Tenkar, Jeff Talanian, Jon Hershberger, and many, many others. But the highlight for me was meeting Anna Meyer (of fame) and Darlene the artist, who created those magical Greyhawk maps many years ago.

Unfortunately, being a solo vendor means that most of my time was spent in the exhibition hall, but I did manage to run a game of Castle of the Mad Archmage on Saturday night, and got to see a lot of other games being played. Tons of pics beneath the fold:

Miniatures wargaming

An honest-to-goodness sand table

Just some folks I ran into…

The BRW Games booth, ready for action.

Gary’s Table of Honor

An absolutely amazing looking gaming table
by Hammered Game Tables

Anna Meyer and myself

Board games

The Moathouse from the Village of Hommlet. I wish I had been
able to see the battle!

I love how the roof sections come off of the Moat House

Jousting using the rules from the original Chainmail.

More of the original Greyhawk castle inspiration.


And finally…
I have no idea why the hotel felt the need to warn people
not to enter the laundry chute. Was this an issue in the past?

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5 thoughts on “GaryCon 2018

  1. I'm one person who claimed to own everything you had for sale, and then came back the next day to confess that my claim was mistaken and bought the things I was missing.

    You might be amused to discover that I was wrong. I did have everything. (Though I did forget to back the newest Kickstarter.) Now I have two of the one thing. One to gift.

    It was nice to see you and your goods at Gary Con though!

  2. Wasn't it great how accessible and close everyone and everything was? I still love Gen Con but Gary Con has more bang for the buck for sure.

  3. Agreed completely, Mike. GaryCon (and the North Texas RPG Con) are the best old-school, one-stop shops for seeing, meeting, and gaming with classic TSR designers as well as contemporary old-school-loving gamers!

    It was good to see you Joe, even if only briefly—I was sorry to hear about back pain forcing you to cancel some events, and am glad that didn't keep you down!


  4. Drat, now I have to figure out how to convince the spousal unit how to go for letting me vanish into Wisconsin for a convention next year. I'm not sure she'd be up for the whole thing, but she's getting her toes wet with gaming. An entire convention might be more than she could get into, though.

    I'm jealous. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

    And when can we expect to see more "Darker Paths"? Those are awesome and will be finding their way into my games soon.

  5. You're married now? When did that happen? We need to get the gang back together so I can get caught up.

    I've got another Darker Paths book half written, but it's different in style than the others. More of a themed monster book than a character class.

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