Non-RPGs on my Mind

Over at Board Game Geek, there’s currently a thread where designers post descriptions of up to five games they’re contemplating going ahead with, and people vote for their favorites based on the descriptions. Do head over and take a look, as there are some really interesting ideas, and it’s always a nice thing to help a game designer out.

I put my own thoughts up there, too, but here they are for your perusal:

Seize the Emerald Throne: A card game where each player has a unique deck. Cards allow players to rumor-monger, assassinate, discover skeleton’s in others’ closets, and gain influence over key institutions like the Church or the Royal Guards. Different characters will have different strengths and weaknesses; the captain of the guard might be able to act more directly, but the chamberlain might be better at spreading rumors.

1066: The Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings: A two-player wargame where the outcome of the first battle will determine how many forces the English player has for the second.

Tycho Rebellion: A multi-player board game depicting a rebellion at a lunar mining colony. Competing rebel factions must maneuver among themselves to win, but must band together enough to fight off the Earth player who is getting constant reinforcements.

Gliese 581: A multi-player board game where each player commands a colony mission to a distant planetary system. Players have to explore, start up mining and industrial operations, and settle the planets and moons of the system.


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