Greyhawk’s World: Events of the Central Flanaess

Another month, another installment of my attempt to finish off the wonderful “Greyhawk’s World” series of articles by Gygax and Kuntz way back in the early 1980’s.

This time out, I’m covering the central Flanaess; Dyvers, Greyhawk, the Wild Coast, etc.

The trick with these is to describe the events that we know happened in the years covered (CY 577 and 578), maybe set up things I know are coming in the next year or two (if possible), and fill in the rest with stuff that’s interesting, but doesn’t contradict anything that we know. So no important deaths of people that show up in later books, etc. I like to think I’m striking a nice balance with these.

You can download the new one here. And please note that I’ve been tweaking the previous two, so be sure you have the latest versions of the West-Central and Sheldomar Valley articles too.

Only one left to go, and the whole of the Flanaess will be complete. Next month, the Baklunish lands!

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