Greyhawk’s World: Events of the Northwest Flanaess

And as I wrap up my attempt to finish off the series of “Greyhawk’s World” articles in Dragon magazine by Gygax and Kuntz, I have something that will make the Baklunish lovers in the audience hopefully very happy. Here we have the northwest corner of the Flanaess; the Baklunish lands of Zeif, Ekbir, Tusmit, Ket, the Paynims, and of course Ull. This is a corner of the Flanaess (and yes, it’s actually part of the Flanaess, which does not end at the Yatil and Crystalmist mountains as I had assumed for many years) that has been largely ignored in the published works. The Greyhawk Wars were largely ignored here (except for Ket), and the later material similarly pretty much left this region in stasis. So it was a lot of fun to come up with interesting events that wouldn’t alter the timeline, but which fed into certain things that we know are coming down the pike.

Anyhoo, you can download this last effort here. Now the Flanaess is, more or less, complete. There are still a few places hither and yon that aren’t covered, but just about everything gets a treatment (sorry Tiger Nomad fans). And for those who want the whole series:

Central Flanaess

West-Central Flanaess

Sheldomar Valley

I hope you’ve enjoyed this completion of the tour of the Flanaess in the years 577 and 578 CY as much as I have. I loved those original articles so much, it seemed a shame to let them lie uncompleted. And now my OCD has been satisfied. 🙂

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