Project Oasis now in print!

If you wanted to, you could print out the full map nearly 5 feet wide and 3 3/4 feet tall. This is just a very small corner of the map covering the continental US.

Hello all! Those of you who are fans of post-apocalyptic RPGs might remember my setting for Mutant Future and Apes Victorious, Project Oasis. Well, the book has been in print for over a year, and folks seem to like it (some folks REALLY seem to like it!), so now it’s available in hard copy format.

Unfortunately the continental poster map is still unavailable in print, due to limitations on OBS, but the file has also been updated with pdf format and a notation stating it’s okay to print for personal use. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to take to your local Staples or other print shop and have them run one off for you.

For the folks who already purchased the pdf-only version (thanks!), you should be getting an email from BRW Games with the subject “Project Oasis now in print – and you get a discount!” In it you’ll find a link to the new print version for just $5.95.

Thanks to everyone who supported the book, and everyone who wants to get it in all its perfect-bound glory. You can find it here!

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